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In this homepage we present a glimpse at the activities carried out at METU-BIOMAT Research Group located at Biotechnology Research Unit (BRU) building. Biomaterials is an exciting field for researchers world wide from various branches of science, engineering and medicine.

News & Announcements

  • Program For BIOMED2015 and EWAB2015

    Dear Participants of BIOMED2015 and EWAB2015,


    The Final Program of the Symposia is now ready. Please click here for BIOMED2015 program and here for EWAB2015 program.

  • Program For BIOMED2015 and EWAB2015

    Dear Colleagues,


    The program for BIOMED2015 and EWAB2015 are now available on the web pages of the Symposia. The detailed version will be published in the following days. See you soon.


    Organizing Committee BIOMED2015 and EWAB2015

  • Late Breaking Abstract Submission Deadline for BIOMED 2015 and EWAB 2015:

    Dear Colleagues

    The Late Breaking Abstract Submission Deadline for BIOMED 2015 and EWAB 2015 is almost 10 days away (August 31, 2015).  We would be grateful if you would submit your abstracts in time so that we could perform the evaluation in time.

  • Recent Publication:

    Kiziltay, A., Marcos-Fernandez, A., San Roman, J., Sousa, R. A., Reis, R. L., Hasirci, V., & Hasirci, N. (2013). Poly(ester-urethane) scaffolds: effect of structure on properties and osteogenic activity of stem cells. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. [PDF]

  • METU 2015 Graduate Course Performance Awards
    Student members of BIOMATEN M.Sc. student Ayla Şahin and Ph.D. student Tuğba Dursun received the METU 2015 Graduate Course Performance Awards. We wish them continued success.